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What comes with the Free Account?

The free account will be given 50 free credits every month.

Where should I go to after downloading the Chrome Extension & opening a new account?

Visit, Sales Navigator or Recruiter. When you are on a profile page or profiles search result page, you will be able to utilize the plugin, located at the top right

How do I get email contacts when I am browsing the LinkedIn Profile of prospect?

When Contact Hunter is able to find email addresses of the contact, a partial result will appear with a “Show” button. By clicking on “Show”, the plugin will reveal the full contact details and the lead will automatically be stored in your leads manage

Will I be charged for credits if there’s no results?

You will only be charged for credits if contact hunter is able to find the full email address of the contact. Emails will be verified and a “Show” button

If I “Show” the same contact several times, does it consume additional credits?

You will only be charged once for every contact that you have “ Show ” before.

How do I see how many credits are left?

On your Contact Hunter widget,you are able to find the number of credits left.

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